Meeting for chinese guides.

skrifað 14. nóv 2019

Introduction to Leiðsögn a Trade Union

Coming Tuesday, nóvember 19th Leiðsögn invites all Chinese tour guides to a meeting at the union office Stórhöfði 25, 3. floor at 20:00.

  • Introduction to Leiðsögn trade union
  • Why you should be a paying member of Leiðsögn
  • The existing collective agreement between SA and Leiðsögn and what that means for tourist guides in Iceland

Present will be: The president of Leiðsögn, Pétur Gauti Valgeirsson Vice president of Leiðsögn, Vilborg Anna Björnsdóttir Members of the board of Leiðsögn

Chinese translation Steingrímur Þorbjarnarson